ChatGPT... Should we fear the massive growth of AI technology?

Should we fear ChatGPT and the massive growth of AI technology? Are ChatGPT and the massive growth of AI technology something to fear?

Are ChatGPT and the massive growth of AI technology something to fear?

Since the launch of ChatGPT, hundreds of AI apps have appeared every week. You can now rely on AI applications for almost everything. You can depend on them for writing, proofreading, or even programming and design. We’re seeing thousands of complex and challenging tasks being done, or at least many of them being completed. What was mentioned before is very good, but there are challenges and concerns about relying entirely on AI. Let’s talk about these concerns and how best to address them.

Should we fear ChatGPT and the massive growth of AI technology

Let’s start with a letter calling for a halt to AI research and application development. The call is entitled ‘Pause Giant AI Experiments.’ This demand is led by the famous businessman Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, and other prominent figures in technology and AI. They called for an immediate halt of at least six months in the training of AI systems. They also stressed that artificial intelligence systems pose severe risks to society and humanity. Not only that, but they added that the current development of AI is rapid and unpredictable.

In addition, they argued that decisions about AI should be delegated to only select technical officials. There is a need to develop standard safety protocols for downtime and to refocus AI research on improving accuracy, safety, and transparency. Similarly, work with policymakers to establish robust AI governance systems.

Cloud Infrastructure 

Millions of users worldwide and billions of operations, queries, and questions are directed to the ChatGPT and other various AI applications. The most important are BING Chat, Google Bard, plus others. In addition, there is the expectation of a huge development on everything we have mentioned, with a doubling of the number involved in operations and applications. So here we have a new future based on AI technology.

All of this requires what we call ‘cloud infrastructure’. It’s the hardware and resources needed to run cloud services, such as cloud storage. The infrastructure is where all the operations (virtual servers, virtual networks, security, protection services, etc.) are stored. So, we need a new strategy to face this future.

Protection of Personal Data

According to a statement issued by OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, it has been hacked. This vulnerability was discovered by the company later, not in real time. This hacking has resulted in many users’ data and chats being leaked. That’s because many people think it’s just one person talking to another; when they use ChatGPT, for example.

So it has become perilous. Suppose you have a project, a book idea, a practical discovery, or other secrets you don’t want anyone else to know about. All these issues and processes are stored, processed, through GPT Chat. The second thing is that if there is a breach of ChatGPT, as there has been, it can mean that all your questions, writings, and requests become available to everyone, which is very serious.

ChatGPT and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Intellectual property issues are the most problematic in the world of AI. In particular when it comes to content creation, such as writing, design, graphic animation, etc. Also, coding, websites, and applications – all these outputs result from existing content and work.

In other words, AI didn’t create an article out of thin air. Instead, it has been fed millions of articles, books, and references to arrive at the final report. The issue of the intellectual property thus arises, which certainly needs to be controlled, especially when writing down the details of ideas, books, or research proposals and sharing them with an AI application.

ChatGPT stores everything you type, processes it, and shares it with other users. It also means that your ideas and research could be used by someone else. So, it certainly needs controls to protect intellectual property.

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What is ChatGPT’s answer?

Finally, I asked ChatGPT whether we should be afraid of ChatGPT and the AI technology. 

I’ll leave the answer as it is: ‘No, so we shouldn’t be fearful of ChatGPT or the enormous growth of AI tech. AI is a massive technological development. It has the potential to bring many benefits and advantages to humanity in areas as diverse as medicine, industry, education, and entertainment.’
‘However, we also need to be aware of the ethical challenges that the use of intelligent technologies can raise. These include the impact on the labour market, privacy, digital security, and reduced employment opportunities for specific groups. We must therefore take these challenges seriously. Solutions must be found to ensure that intelligent techs are used responsibly and effectively and bring the desired benefits to humanity.’

Michael Schumacher and Artificial Intelligence

He was interviewed by ‘artificial intelligence’! Michael Schumacher’s family sued a German magazine.

Following an ‘interview’ with artificial intelligence, Michael Schumacher’s family has decided to sue a German weekly magazine.

The famed Ferrari driver, a seven-time Formula One world champion, hasn’t been seen in public since he suffered a severe head injury in a skiing accident during a family holiday in the French Alps in December 2013.

Since then, the family has kept a low profile, with only close associates allowed to meet him and limited information about his condition.

  1. The latest issue of Die Aktuelle magazine featured a picture of a smiling Schumacher on its cover under the headline ‘Michael Schumacher … the first interview’. The headline added: ‘It looked deceptively real.’
  2. Inside, it turned out that AI had generated the supposed quotes.
  3. The publisher of a German magazine has sacked its editor and apologised to the family of Michael Schumacher for publishing an artificial intelligence-generated ‘interview’ with the Formula One great. 


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